Have you ever woke up at night and could not sleep due to all the noise from the street, neighbors, storm or cats crying on the roof? Noise can be very bothering, it makes us more nervous and it can affect our health. Soundproofing windows, walls and doors can extremely reduce levels of sound penetrating in the room and additionally it also reduces the heat transmission resulting in lower heating bill.


There are many ways how to approach this problem. It depends whether you are just building the house and therefore can soundproof the house at the very beginning, or you would just like to adapt your home. If your budget allows it is best to find the specialist for soundproofing to do it for you. However, there are many ways you can also do it yourself.


Wooden walls as well as stone exterior walls can be sound proofed with a variety of different insulation products, which are filled in the cavity between the plaster board and the cladding. Some of the materials can be very irritating for the skin so you better wear gloves.


Most of the heat and sound is transmitted through doors and windows. When possible it is advised to use solid constructed doors and not hollow ones. Hanging them correctly with minimal gaps is most important and acoustic seal placed around the edge of the door can do a trick to get even better soundproofing.


There are quite some techniques for windows soundproofing, so let's look at them in more detail.




Double glazed windows are very often used nowadays. These windows are structured with two sheets of glass, side by side, with a cavity in the middle which traps the sound and the heat thus creating the barrier between exterior and the room. The glass can be also triple glazed which results in even more effective barrier. The cost of double glazing differs according to the type of the window, making them most affordable solution for soundproofing or one of the most expensive. If you are planning of doing the double glazing by yourself, magnetic double glazing would be most likely the best solution.


While building a house or replacing the windows you can also choose windows, which are filled with gass in the cavity between sheets of glass. Don't worry, it is not dangerous as it sounds. Argon is nontoxic , odorless and it does not impact the glass or wood. The prices are also affordable comparing to the standard windows but the efficiency of soundproofing is much better.


At last let me remind you of the simplest way how to soundproof your room. You can use soundproof blankets or soundproof curtains. The cost of this method is very low, you don't need any skills and the effect is achieved in no time.


Hopefully, we helped you find your own most optimal way of making your home cosier, warmer and quieter (at least when you want to) with soundproofing windows, doors and walls. You can also read more about individual methods in other articles on our page.