Revealed: Soundproof Curtains - Cost and Efficiency

Soundproof curtains are often referred to as blackout curtained or acoustical quilts. They offer a cheap solution to noise control and an affordable alternative to expensive window foams and full out acoustic glass windows. They are so effective that they are used mostly in industrial settings but can make a huge difference when wanting to create a soundproof window and even walls.


There are several companies that manufacturer these types of sound proof drapes and can be designed to suspend a couple different ways. Either from frame work or applied to Homasote backing for a soundproof window. The easiest method to use for hanging is buying soundproof curtains that have grommets, or eyelets, at the top of the curtain.


Where we can use them


They are often used outdoors to create a silent enclosure for industrial construction sites, and even indoors to provide a sensible solution for soundproofing the entertainment room or keeping sound from permeating windows. Almost 33% of any energy loss in a home happens through the windows. The blackout blankets can decrease that loss and improve the overall energy efficiency of your home by nearly 25%.


For larger areas, other than windows such as walls, the noise control drapes come with velcro sides so that multiple pieces can be stuck together to form any width that you desire or need. The look of the acoustical drapes has a bit of a checkered and science-fiction feel to them. To fix that and to give them a bit more aesthetic look, it can be lined with whatever color cloth you desire. Not every manufacturer does this, so it's a good idea to check around for the right company for you.


These curtains can be a great way to soundproof a musical practice room as well. This idea can help the other residents of your home or building to keep their sanity while you practice. It can also be great for a soundproof window, if measured properly and applied using the manufacturer’s clear instructions that come with the sound proof drape.


The Cost


The cost of this type of sound reduction material is a cheap solution, by far, to any other methods for home or industrial noise control. These drapes are manufactured by several different companies and come in several different sizes and prices. They can even be found on Ebay or for a steal. One great company that creates these types of blackout curtains is called Eclipse. They make top of the line noise reduction blackout drape for homes and businesses.


Some companies sell their soundproof curtains for anywhere from $15 USD to $40 USD at the most. The sound blockage, energy efficiency, and final cost of the product make this a best buy when wanting to make a soundproof window. This isn't the bottom line though for sound proof drapes. If you are capable with needle and thread you can make your own noise control curtains.


By sewing a store bought blackout liner, which can vary in quality and ability, to your current drapes you can make an effective enclosure from light, sound, and a needless loss of energy. If you compare the cheap costs of these soundproof curtains added with the energy savings you'll experience, you'll quickly find this to be the quickest and most affordable means of soundproofing your home or just a single room.