How to Soundproof Windows Using Soundproof Blankets

One of the toughest decisions a home owner can face when trying to soundproof their home is figuring out the best ways of how to soundproof windows in an affordable way. More often than not, that means the doityourself method of noise reduction. As a home owner, you have multiple choices of how to soundproof your doors and windows.


Having the windows completely replaced and redone for simple sound reduction isn't always the best and most efficient way to seal out the sound from your home. As you could well expect, the costs of double pane laminated glass can be highly expensive in materials and labor. A great alternative is the soundproof blanket. Let's face it if you're considering a soundproofing blanket, it's not the ear-shattering noise of a train or airplane that you are trying to fend off.


If this is a real option for you, lower level noise such as traffic, nature, and even conversations are the sounds that you want to keep out of your house or room. The acoustic sheet is the most affordable option to reduce noise for those living in big cities, renting an apartment, and simply can't afford the full out replacement with a sound control window. If this is the situation you're in, here is the only guide you'll want for the costs and instruction you need to put up your own sound absorbing sheets.





The costs


The cost of a professional grade sound reduction blanket can be found on the internet for as little as $20 USD per blanket. They measure in at just over 6 feet tall and 5.5 feet wide. Knowing how to soundproof windows and doors using this method is as easy as it comes.


How to soundproof windows


Once they are out of the boxes, installing them can be as easy as unfolding them and attaching them to the window or wall you desire. The only trick with instruction and installation of this type of sound reduction is the difference between the grommet and the clip. For the most part, the acoustic dampening sheets are sold separately from the mounting clips and grommets for hanging. The difference between the two is simple, the grommets are specially ordered and built into the acoustic sheet and the clips are just steel clips that clamp onto the blanket and attach to the wall. Both the grommets and the clamps have to be attached via nail or screw to the wall or upper window sill to ensure full coverage of the space.


These blankets are great for adding that extra touch of noise reduction that you might need to get that total silence you've been looking for. How to soundproof doors? It is done much the same way as windows. Glass doors are one of the biggest problems with soundproofing a home. Since sliding glass doors do slide, you have two options for soundproofing them with this method.


You can simply hang the blankets as if it were a window and use it much like a sheet wall, pushing it aside every time you need to get through the door. The other option is to hang a sliding hook and anchor system that can be pushed back and forth like a curtain, this is the preferred method.


When you need to know how to soundproof windows and doors, finding information about it should not be too difficult. This can be one of the most effective means for the money on the market today, especially when considering the do it yourself means of installation – and you will have your home soundproof.