Double Glazing Cost and Types

Double glazing a window has a low price and high energy efficiency when you compare it to the acoustic glass replacement alternatives. The term double glazed loosely applies to two panes of glass with a thin layer of gas or air trapped between them. This creates a seal that makes the windows much more energy efficient than the single glazed window. It also increases the sound insulation and does a great job of limiting condensation.


Types of windows

There are many different types of windows and so there are different types of double glazed options. That means, along with those differences, each comes with a different cost of double glazing. The first window we'll discuss is casement windows. These are one of the most common types of windows. They are hinged on one side and crank open to the left or right, depending on manufacturer. They can be put anywhere in a home, but you'll most likely find them in kitchens and bathrooms over the sink or counter tops.


Casement windows are second in noise and energy efficiency, behind fixed pane windows. The price and final cost for double glazing casement windows, straight from the manufacturer, can range in price from a cheap $200 USD, clear to $2000 USD or more, depending on the size of the crank window in question. If the window measures over 4 feet square you can expect to pay in the higher end of the price scale.


Double hung windows are a type of windows that is not used much in cold climates. However, when they are double glazed, they can be a great way to seal in the heat or air conditioning, keep out noise, making them highly effective for the cold. That means they are energy efficient and attractive, all at the same time.


A double hung window is opened by lifting the window and closed by lowering it down. The double glazing cost is low when you compare the price with casement windows. The average market value for double glazed double hung windows ranges from $150 USD to $1,000 USD, depending on the window size and thickness of acrylic glass you want to use.


The last type of window that can often be found in residential areas is the tilt and turn type style of window. The window can tilt slightly or open completely. They are the favored style of window to have for parents with small children. The double glazing cost of these windows can vary in price. They can range from $150 USD to $2,000 USD, making them either one of the most affordable windows to glaze or one of the most expensive.


A triple glaze can also be effective, as long as you use a secondary system and can be used on almost any type of window made today. The triple glaze is less effective by itself than the double glazed window because it has a smaller air gap between panes. Those smaller gaps let more sound and energy through, than the double glaze. No matter how you look at, the double glazing cost will be cheaper than buying all new windows that are made for acoustic resonance and energy conservation, by a landslide. Not to mention, double glazed windows, or even triple, are by far more effective than simply lining your windows with plastic.