The Benefits of Soundproofing Windows with DIY Magnetic Double Glazing


Soundproofing windows with double glazed windows is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to sound proof any room you have. We'll explain the benefits and installation instructions, which can be followed by the do it yourself home improvement novice or expert. Magnetic double glazed windows can be installed in under 20 minutes per window and can even be removed for air flow and cleaning.


The benefits of Soundproofing Windows with Magnetic Double Glazing


Windows are one of the biggest problems if talking about noise pollution, as they are the weak point when it comes to blocking acoustic frequencies of all kind. The effect that extra noise has on the body can cause headaches, hearing loss, increased stress, and even higher blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks and even strokes.


Double glazing using at least 3mm acrylic glass can instantly reduce the impact of stressful and unwanted noises on your body. The key is the window gap between the double windows. It's that air gap that will trap most of the unwanted sound permeating your home. There are several other benefits that come along with installing soundproofing windows with double glazed sound reduction treatments, one of which is the energy savings.


Like for noise, windows are also the weakest spots in the house for energy leakage. The walls and ceilings are built to be as efficient as possible. The windows, however, are much more susceptible to heat and cooling leaks. When you install window treatments, such as double glazed windows, energy savings can show an increase up to 50%!


Another great bonus is the security that it adds. The glazed acrylic windows applied to the exterior of the home will help protect the natural windows of the home from weather damage and potential break in. Any burglar who would want in through double windows will have to make twice as much noise and be twice as exposed.


Installation Instructions


When trying to insert any type of home improvement by doing it yourself, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s sealed in instructions. In most cases, these instructions are simple and easy to follow. After measuring your window, ordering the acrylic glass, and receiving it, only then the real work begins.


If you measure properly, the glass will be cut to size when it arrives, leaving you a clean and easy operation to follow. The minimum room you need to apply the glass to the exterior of your window is 15mm. Make sure there are no nails, handles, or any obstruction that will stop the magnetic strips from sticking to the window frame.


Clean the surface around the sides of the exterior of the window to make sure the window gets a clean surface to stick to. Then unwrap the protective paper from both sides of the glass, being careful not to scratch either side. After that's done, remove the backing from the magnetic strip linings on the acrylic glass.


With one firm action push the edges of the soundproofing window flush against the window frame, press firmly for 20 seconds and then leave for 24 hours. After that, the acrylic glass window can be removed for cleaning or just to let fresh air in. After that's accomplished, if you want to add a secondary system, sound proof foam on the inside of the window can be a great way for soundproofing against any additional noise that is still getting through.